Published by: Steve Sebby on 21 Mar 2011

In November of 2004, 1st battalion 3rd Marines executed a ground assault on the city of Fallujah along with 11,000 other service members making it the largest ground assault on a city in Marine Corps history. Operation Al Fajr was set in motion to remove the insurgency that plagued the city for too long.

This is another waste city in the making.
This is America's fight.
All they need is for us to give them the opportunity to break the back of that intimidation.
To go in there and stop it now when it needs to be stopped.
What we build here, this is what we call a joint combined task force.
You've got Marines, you know each other, you've trained together, you've worked together, you've got great leadership in your commanders, your senior staff NCOs all the way down. You're ready for the fight. You've got Navy requirement at docks. They've been out here and working miracles up to this point. And they will continue to do such.
What we've done is we've taken that army, Marine core, Navy, Airforce team and what we've added to it is our Iraqi loyal fights, and you've had a chance to work with them. A chance to look them in the eye, a chance to hear them talk about, they want to go in and liberate Fallujah, they want to give this town back to the Fallujan people, they feel this town is being held hostage by mugs, thugs, murderers and intimidators, all they need is for us to give them the opportunity to break the back of that intimidation, to go in there and stop it now where it needs to be stopped.
Those security forces need you beside them, they need you to motivate them, and they need you to show them some of the things you've learned over the long time you've been Marine corps, the army, the Navy, the Airforce.
It is here, feel the energy, you can feel the chemistry. It's a contagious enthusiasm. It's a contagious confidence.
Thankyou for all you do. Thank you for your leadership. Thank you for taking care of one another.  Thank you for mission accomplishment.
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