Published by: Lenard Hernandez, 14 Jan 2012
Speaker: Cpl. Rabbi
Date: ???

Cpl. Rabbi gives us a little speech during mojave viper making sure to use our jargon as much as possible.
"Like the description said... he's using as much Marine jargon as possible"

Good to go, alright.
Hell I know we are all fucking hot and tired, we want to go home, so I will make this real quick and dirty, alright.
Hey, spare with me here gents.
Fucking don't shoot the messenger here, this has come down from on high, alright.
You're an elephant[??] right coming right round the corner
You need to fucking hydrate right 15 minutes prior
Good to go → Oroar
First of here, hell I want to reiterate the fact that we've got a lot of moving parts going on right.
If you've got no taking gear now go ahead and pull it out.
OK, fucking pull it out.
OK, good to go
First thing hey, we've been doing this for fucking 23X years, right.
We all know what needs to happen
We need fucking no shit rosters for the dog and pony show
So need one fucking body lock that shit on,
once that is complete, go ahead and run it up the chain of command,
good to go → Oroar
Hey, hey are we writing this shit down?
good to go → Oroar
Hey this is what I need
I need you guys to stay motivated, fucking police your own, don't be fucking nasty, we're going to be just like the fucking army.
Alright, hey, look at you, you're all like children, we're fucking adults here right, well fucking marines, we've all been to fucking boot camp right.
good to go
Basics marines, fucking crawl, walk, run, right.
Don't fucking run around here, no fucking high speed trash, like mr hard core ricky recore,
good to go
hey, we're just here to get a fucking base-line
Every Marines a fucking rifleman, right?
Good to go
Well get fucking wrapped around the axle, and try to fucking think outside the box, you're going to set yourself up for failure.
Hey, you are your fucking brother's keeper, so if you see a Marine out here fucking lost in the sauce you need to walk that devil dog on, good to go?
Safety's fucking paramount gents. Every Marine's a fucking safety officer,
right. → Oroar
We are out here to get some no shit training, right.
So you've got to maintain positive mental attitude.
Remember, false motivation is … → better than no motivation at all.
Fucking ain't.
Hey last thing here Marines: gear accountability. Don't leave your fucking rifles unattended. You're signing notational fucking gear guarding shit.
Look out for that Marine left and right of you. Because he's a good fucking piece of gear.
Tracking??? → Oroar
Hey, this ain't my first rodeo. We're all going to get complacent out here, it's going to happen, I've seen it. Fucking, we need to say square away, police our area and make sure we are passing word.
Or I'll micro-manage the shit out of you.
Good to go? → Oroar
If you see Marines around here, fucking talking on their cellphones. Fuck no! Fuck no Marines! NCOs you need to square that shit away.
Good to go? → Oroar
Again Marines, don't be fucking walking around with your hands in your pockets like you are back on the block, fucking eating chow on your rags like a bunch of nasties.
And for fuck sakes, wear your god damned glow belts.
Otherwise, the pros and cons are going to fucking reflect.
Hey, we all volunteered for this right. You've signed the papers. We all want to be part of this fucking gun club right?
Good to go – so do the right thing, when nobody's watching.
You know what, it's come to my attention Marines, that I hear you want to smoke spice. Well you don't fucking rape, I can't smoke spice, then you can't smoke spice.
That's all I've got. I've got any saved rounds?
Alright stand by for police call after formation.
→ Oroar